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62 Seven Wells Court

Seconds from the beach, this 5-bedroom, 5.5-bath courtyard home is located in the heart of Alys Beach.

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75 Governors Court

This home is perfect for a weekend getaway or a family vacation.  Located close to Caliza pool, the beach and Fonville Tot Lot.

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20-Acre Preserve

The northern portion of Alys Beach is devoted to a 20 acre nature preserve.

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Alys Shoppe

The Alys Shoppe is the first stand alone, commercial retail store in Alys Beach slated to open in May 2013.

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The Amphitheatre is Alys Beach’s central gathering spot for concerts and performances. A perfectly sculpted lawn slants toward the Gulf and gives an elevated vantage for viewing a range of town events—music, plays, and movies to name a few. It’s also a preferred place for children to run free, toss a ball, or just roll down the hill.

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Arboleda Park

Entering from the south, Arboleda Park presents a formal allee of live oak trees with whitewashed trunks that bring a pleasing contrast to the green foliage. Venturing within, formality gives way to the vagaries of native sand pine and turkey oak leading to the Park’s namesake—Leda the Mermaid.

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Beach Club

The Beach Club is a highly anticipated amenity coming to Alys Beach in the near future. As the town matures with new homes and vested owners, the Beach Club will begin construction.

Bike Shop

One of the most endearing qualities of Alys Beach is that everything you need (or want) is just a bike ride away. With the Alys Beach Bike Shop, a two-, three- or four-wheeled mode of transportation is always within reach.

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The butteries on Scenic Highway 30A distinguish entry into the Town of Alys Beach.



The butteries on Scenic Highway 30A distinguish entry into the Town of Alys Beach.


Caliza Courts

Caliza Pool and Restaurant

Among Alys Beach’s most recognized and revered amenities is Caliza Restaurant and Pool. Restaurant 


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Central Park

Curves and winding edges replace straight lines at Central Park, as town transitions to nature preserve. A lush, rolling lawn framed by clusters of native vegetation brings a wilder look and feel, offering a perfect framing of the sights and sounds of the neighboring Caliza Pool.

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Charlie’s Donuts

Clermont Courts

If tennis is your game, Clermont Courts are the place to show that recreating is an art form.

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Fire Pit

Firepit Park is one of Alys Beach’s most favored and intimate civic spaces, where homeowners and guests gather around for the warmth and light of a fire and good conversation among friends.

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Fitness Center

The newly expanded Fitness Center adjacent to the Clermont Tennis Courts complements the town’s healthy active lifestyle.

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Fonville Park

Fonville Hill is one of Alys Beach’s original parks, and is a favored spot for kids and adults alike.

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Established in 2008 by seasoned restaurateur George & Ann Hartley, George’s has quickly become the place for a friendly welcome and a delicious meal within a comfortable atmosphere that makes you feel as though you are among old friends.

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Guest Services

Housed within a family compound-style home in the heart of Alys Beach, the Community Center is a place where neighbors become friends while enjoying the home theater, game room, and large kitchen.

Gulf Green

Alys Beach’s original green space is the largest and most central spot from which to access the town’s 1500 feet of sugar sand beach. Nestled by beachfront homes on either side, the Gulf Green beckons with a linear water feature that draws the eye seaward.

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Kelly Green

Bringing a different shape to the park landscape, Kelly Green presents a large lawn on one side and a winding pocket of native scrub to the east. Lined by a hedge of palmetto, the park is the largest open space south of 30A.

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Lake Marilyn

Along the northern edge of town, the winding shores of Lake Marilyn offer a wonderful spot to relax and observe as the town transitions into the forests of the nature preserve. The Lake serves the function of providing irrigation water for parks and streetside landscapes, while its calm waters reward with peaceful reflections of white walls and blue skies.

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Nature Trail

The northern portion of Alys Beach is devoted to a 20 acre nature preserve that provides a quiet and reflective getaway. An 1800 foot long trail winds its way through the preserve, most of it on an elevated wooden boardwalk that gives a great view of the varied habitats below.

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Palmera Park

Along the Charles Street walk to the beach, Palmera Park is a favorite place to gather and relax. Edged by a low stucco wall topped by shellstone planters, the rectangular space features a grouping of cushioned chairs beneath the shade of Sylvester palm trees at each end of the park.

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Papilio Park

Matching rows of elegant olive trees surround each end of Papillio Park, creating order in this streetside space along North Charles Street. The below-ground sitting area functions as an outdoor room that brings visitors together around a gently-flowing fountain.

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Piper’s Kitchen

Raw & Juicy

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Sales Center

Many of our owners and guests stop by the Sales Center when they first come to town to learn about all the progress since the last time they were at Alys Beach. Our real estate sales team is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable and friendly people you will ever meet.

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The May

Town Center

Reminiscent of a favorite beach town or European village, The Town Center is blossoming with its first retail offering this May 2013.

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Turtle Bale Park

Turtle Bale Green provides a welcoming western access to the beach and is named in honor of the sea turtles that return to nest along Gulf coast beaches every summer. In fact, the park’s central feature is a convex mound of turfgrass, evocative of a turtle’s shell.

Sea Garden Street is temporarily closed, so please access this park from Sea Venture Alley.

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