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The Alys Foundation Hurricane Relief Fund

Thank you all for your inquiries about assisting our Alys Beach team members who have been affected by Hurricane Michael and what our plans are to support regional relief efforts. Many of our employees live in the affected areas and there is widespread devastation – recovery could take years. We have now been in touch with all of our Alys Beach team members and have gathered the information needed to begin helping them with support they will need to begin to rebuild their lives. Many of our employees experienced total losses, many others have significant damage and still others made it through the storm with little damage but will not have power or water for an undetermined amount of time. It is our intent to help each employee affected through a combination of monetary contributions and assistance with temporary housing, as well as with moving, storage, supplies, food and water and other needs throughout the recovery process.

The Alys Foundation has pledged $250,000 toward our hurricane recovery effort with priorities first given to our current affected employees, then their families and then toward regional relief efforts. These monies will be earmarked specifically for the purpose of employee and regional relief and will not be used for any other purpose – we have established a separate bank account for these relief efforts. If you (or any of your friends or colleagues) would like to make a tax deductible donation, you can do so by clicking on the DONATE link below.

We have created a six-person committee – three Alys Beach team members and three Alys Beach homeowners – to review each request for assistance. Our CFO, Andrew O’Connell, is your contact for this process and he can be reached at

We cannot thank you enough for your concern for our employees who have been affected and for our region as it begins the long, slow process of recovery.


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