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Alys Beach was founded with a great care, which includes creating a place that works in concert with the natural environment. Using the traditional town as the model, a healthy mix of homes and buildings and a well-connected street network make travel by foot and bicycle the preferred way to get around. The streets themselves are an innovative design of cobblestone pavers hand-set in deep layers of gravel, allowing about one-third of the rain that falls to gently filter into the ground.

Parks and streetside landscapes are plentiful, featuring mostly native plants that are perfectly adapted to local conditions, reducing the need for water, fertilizer, and pesticides. These and other community-wide environmental features have made Alys Beach the first community in Northwest Florida certified as a green development by the Florida Green Building Coalition.

One of Alys Beach’s most visible features is the palette of white roofs and walls—an adaptation to the local environment that reflects much of the sun’s heat and helps keep the town cooler. The cool roofs and walls hint at more smart green features inside homes, where a host of measures like spray foam insulation, long-lasting materials, and efficient appliances help to conserve water and energy and increase durability. In fact, all homes are required to be third-party certified as green homes by the Florida Green Building Coalition, making Alys Beach the first community in Florida to do so.


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