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The Office of the Town Architect was established by the Town Founder to guide the development of Alys Beach in accordance with its founding architectural and urban vision.

The Office ensures adherence to the Alys Beach Design Code through a design review process with homeowners and architects. This process often starts informally when homeowners are selecting a lot and continues through home construction, with the Town Architect available to answer questions and review changes as they may arise.

Other responsibilities include selection of civic and infrastructural elements such as street lighting, paving, and signage, coordination of architectural and urban design consultants, as well as the design of numerous civic and private buildings.

The Office of the Town Architect has been led since 2003 by Erik Vogt and Marieanne Khoury-Vogt, practicing architects and urban designers. They founded their firm Khoury & Vogt Architects, in Miami in 2001. Prior to coming to Alys Beach, the firm had engaged in projects in South Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Alabama, as well as planning charrettes in Europe and Asia.

Marieanne studied for her undergraduate degree in Paris, France and obtained a double Masters in Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Erik received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami and Master of Architecture from Yale University. He has taught at both Yale and the University of Miami and is co-author of a book on Yale and New Haven’s urban and architectural history, published in 2004.

Erik and Marieanne were the first full-time residents of Alys Beach and continue to live there with their two daughters, Eva and Maya.


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