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Gulf of Mexico

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Humans have always been enticed to the water for reasons both practical and inspirational. In honor of its seaside location, Alys Beach is clearly oriented to the Gulf of Mexico, with major streets and paths leading straight to the sea. Here, the Gulf’s color and texture changes with time of day, weather, and season, with its waters always remaining as a beautiful constant on the horizon.

The Gulf is an especially pleasant place for a swim, as waters are usually calm and clear, and the soft sand bottom is generally free of any shell fragments or rocks. The water remains warm enough for swimming for more than half the year, with water temperatures comfortably in the 80s throughout the summer.

Launching a kayak right from the beach is a popular way to explore the Gulf, and stand-up paddleboarding gives an upright perspective on the water that brings close-up views of schooling fish, sea turtles, and other marine life. For those who like to cast a fishing line, there are fish to catch year-round, with pompano, redfish, and Spanish mackerel being some of the favorites.

The high vantage point of Alys Beach gives a special view of the Gulf that fosters the comfort and inspiration we have long found in the sea. Whether it’s the sound of waves breaking onto the sand, or the visual dance of whitecaps that sprinkle the surface on a breezy day, it’s an open palette on which to relax, observe, and create your own colors.


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